Certification - D.O.P. - Protected Designation of Origin

The DOP was born (along with IGP) in 1992 thanks to the EEC Regulation 2081/92 of the European Community, and is valid only for food products (wine and alcoholic beverages excluded). It is one that imposes the most stringent standards ever, and so is the one that provides more than all consumers, at least with respect to some characteristics of the product that we will see. The DOP provides guarantees on different levels of the production process: source, source of raw materials, location and traditional production process. The DOP-certified products have in fact: 1) Dependable, as products are regulated by Italian laws and EU, and 2) tracking, since they come from a defined geographical area, and 3) bond with the land, because the products are obtained by methods traditional, present peculiar characteristics due to an intimate link between the product and with an area of ​​geological, climatic and agronomic inimitable, 4) Typicality or compliance with traditional production methods and manufacturing methods that preserve the characteristics of the product, in order to receive the title two prerequisites must be met, as specified in Article 2 of the rules: 1) The special qualities and characteristics of the product must be due exclusively or essentially to the geographical environment of the place of origin. The term "geographical environment" the law is intended not only natural but also human factors, and the local knowledge and techniques. An illustration of this is the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, where the instruments used, the abillità and experience of the operator, time, operating mode, they could create a unique product. 2) The production of raw materials and their transformation to finished product must be made in the region bounded by the product name it bears. In other words, a PDO cheese must be made with milk from cows grazing in the area, as well as a meat PDO must be obtained from local pigs. The traceability of PDO, which is the guarantee that the place of origin and processing of raw materials is the most important because it fills a gap in the Italian legislation does not require that indicate the origin of the ingredients of any product. By purchasing a product DOP we are certain about the provenance of its ingredients: This information is important for those products whose qualities are, for one reason or another, sensitive to this factor, such as extra virgin olive oil. Each PDO, to become such, must comply with production rules that bind all stages of production and processing. Generally all the PDO have a consortium, or a body composed of producers and / or processors aiming at the protection, promotion and exploitation thereof. They also have a role in informing the consumer and production supervision. Also safeguard the product from abuse, unfair competition, counterfeiting and misuse of the name.