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Olive Biologiche

Biological Olives

Organic farming is an agricultural production system that has as its objective the environment while protecting the health of operators and consumers.

Processo estrazione olio a freddo

Cold extraction process

The process of cold extraction, oil keeps all the aromas and flavors, as well as polyphenols and antioxidants, without distorting and guaranteeing the highest purity

Riconoscimenti e premi

Awards and prizes

Our company thanks to the splendid work and fine quality of our oil has been honored by various organizations and associations throughout Italy.

Cretificazione DOP


Our oil is produced by careful selection of different crops, for this fine selection is given the DOP.

Prodotti acquista online

Buy on-line our extra virgin olive oil

Our oil is collected and bottled directly in our company. Buy it online here buy

Olio aromatizzato limone e peperoncino

Extra virgin olive oil flavored

From today, our extra virgin olive oil is also available flavored with lemon and hot pepper.